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Founder Marc Bowron created BLACKWOLF Personal Training based on the principle of The BLACKWOLF Method.

A raw , No Bullsh*t , Alpha approach to Physical Change and Mental Well-being . Combining Strength, Power and Endurance based methods, the training comprises of fun and creative sessions that will take you to the next level, no matter what your specific goal is.

private training
1 on 1 private/partner training (includes movement evaluation and nutritional education for a fully customized program)
Blackwolf Online
Individual monthly programs designed to improve specific areas of your fitness such as strength , power, endurance , core, glute shape and size and much more
Training camp
Blackwolf Training camp (large group class) A class with a specific method, focusing on power , endurance and strength
sports specific training
Professional sports performance training – taking high level athletes to the next level with specific programs designed to increase speed, strength and power
Kids development
Kids physical and mental development- 6-16 years. Designed to improve coordination and movement along with discipline and structure
corporate wellness
Group fitness programs available to help your employees boost productivity and overall mental and physical well-being.

Jordan Poyer

My name is Jordan Poyer. I’ve been training with Marc or BlackWolfBowon some would call him for a little over a year now. As an athlete at the highest level, I recognized quickly Marc has the knowledge and the skill to not only train me physically but also train me mentally to get to the level I need to be at for the NFL season. Marc is always coming up with new and creative workouts while also mixing in some of the most basic fundamentals that our body requires.. He is highly active within your workouts and will push you as far as you can go. He helps you become the best version of yourself. For me I like to be pushed to the limits and he will do that. With the knowledge and skills he has, it’s no wonder Marc is one of the best trainers in South Florida.

NFL athlete , Buffalo Bills

Holly Owens

We have trained as a family with Marc for 4 years. I started with him first prior to a 4 mile beach run for our foundation. The changes he made in 3 months with not only my cardio endurance but my overall body composition were astounding. I have never left. Marc also trains my 13 year old daughter who is on a travel soccer team. They had a go of it for a year and once the pandemic hit, we started her consistently and she’s never looked back. She lost 30 pounds and her running is like I’ve never seen. He works not only on her physically but mentally as well. She’s competitive and works out 6 days a week now on his program and his instruction. We will be with him forever and we are truly grateful for all the time and dedication he takes with our family and our programs.

Navy Seal wife

Johnny O

If you’re looking for a trainer to pass the time and have a conversation with he’s definitely not your guy, However if results are what you are looking for and you don’t mind being accountable for what you do then he’s the man for you. Marc epitomizes what a trainer should be, he brings a hands on approach combined with strict coaching and motivation that will get you serious results in a short time. There’s no secret why he’s always busy, he’s the best at what he does!

Owner Johnny Os Gymnasium 
45+years fitness Industry

Chris A

Marc brings elite training methods to those of us not in the elite. Workouts are varied, inspiring and tough as hell. Always gets the extra 10% that other trainers leave behind

Tina M

Marc is the best piece of fitness equipment!  I definitely did not expect to to love working
with a trainer. Took a group session that Marc put together for my girlfriends and I have to admit I loved it!  I’m hooked and now can’t survive without my weekly group session and my one on one. Time flies in a session with Marc and he keeps you challenged by always adding something new and a little extra push. I noticed a tremendous change in strength, energy and toning in the first 2 months. The little details are surprisingly important.

Becky Carlson

I’ve been training with Mark for about a year now. Love his motivation, work ethic & knowledge of fitness. He practices what he preaches. He makes working out fun & challenging. Since, starting with Mark I’ve improved my overall fitness and body. Love that he is constantly adding and changing up routines so every muscle gets in the mix.

Chris Kooker

Marc has been working with my daughter for several months. He is committed to her development and to seeing her make progress towards her goals. I have seen her strength and agility improve in a short period of time. I am very happy with the progress she has made while training with him. I believe her time with Marc is an important part of her success formula.

Phoenix Fight Gear

Chris R

I’ve worked out on my own most of my life before working out with Marc. Marc has giving me a whole new perspective on how I workout.

The conditioning he has done with me has helped my body to feel stronger and has given me the confidence to do exercises that i would  normally feel uncomfortable doing. 

Marc motivates me to want to try new things and push myself to new levels.

Thanks Marc!

Cindy R

I have definitely had a wide range of fitness, interval training, boot camps and weight training over the years. However, I have never had an experience as positive and rewarding as the results I have achieved with Marc!!

Unlike most trainers, Marc’s workouts change frequently to keep things fresh and he is constantly challenging me in new ways.  I honestly look forward to our workouts and I can’t thank him enough discipline and motivation to assure I receive the results that I am seeking.

Lisa P

Marc is a fantastic trainer! My training sessions with Marc are the highlight of my week because I am seeing results! He makes the workouts fun and interesting each session. Marc is extremely knowledgeable about the body and always explaining how I’m benefitting from each exercise. He makes me look forward to each session and makes the overall experience a great one

Damien C,

Marc not only helped me develop when I was working with him but guided me for the future for I can assist myself when building my body. Going to the gym and training isn’t as simple as picking up a dumbbell. You need to know the fundamentals about how the body works and what your own limits are. Marc taught my how to identify all of the above and how I can apply it to my training. His influence has helped my body gain muscle and keep me in peak performance shape.

17 years old

James G

Marc has trained me on and off for two years he is an outstanding no BS trainer who pushes  you to your max and really helps you achieve your goals. It’s also good fun and no training session the same. I would recommend him to those that aren’t used to a gym and also to regular trainers who want to push themselves to the next level.

Erik R

I’ve  been training with Marc for three years and he always has a fresh workout that challenges my current fitness level.  He pushes me to improve and then he sets a new harder target.  If you are ready to work hard and reach your full potential, Marc is the perfect match

Gary S

Marc is one of the best trainers in the South Florida area . I have trained with many trainers over the last 10 years. His aggressive approach and high energy helps push you through his hour workout ( boot camp and personal training ). I would definitely recommend Marc if you are looking to improve your body and self esteem.

Press / Media

Shape magazine

Gabi Butler’s Trainer Reveals the Workouts She’s Crushing When She’s Not Cheerleading

Founder Marc Bowron grew up in the North East of Scotland, before coming to the United States in 2007. With 15+ years of experience and thousands of personal training hours, he is one of the most sought-after trainers in South Florida.

He earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Physiology whilst on a full scholarship to play soccer at the University of Mobile.

Starting his career in Mobile, Al Marc then worked through the corporate sector of personal training with high-end companies such as Equinox and Lifetime in Florida where he was an elite trainer and manager.

In 2018 he then created Blackwolf PT where he works with kids and adults of all ages, Pro Athletes, and Celebrities.



  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology
  • NSCA C.S.C.S
  • NCSF
  • NASM
  • USAWeightlifting
  • Kettlebell Athletics
  • TRX
  • Vipr
  • UEFA C coaching
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